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Got junk? 1888 DUMP FOX is a cheap and reliable junk removal company that provides junk removal services to anyone in need of getting rid of unwanted trash.

1888 DUMP FOX knows the importance of recycling.

ē We try our best to recycle paper, cardboard, electronics and metal.
ē Recycling helps keep junk out of the landfill and is good for the environment.
ē We recycle, not only to save on disposal fees but by doing so, we can offer competitive rates on our junk removal services.

Unlike drop off garbage containers, our trash bin is attached to our truck.
You donít have to worry about scratching your driveway or loading the bin.
We do all the work for you. All rates include labor, moving costs and disposal fees.
There are NO extra charges for lifting heavy items, flattening boxes, breaking down old furniture, removing items from the basement or crawlspace.
We are a cheap junk removal service and unlike drop off bins, we only charge for the amount of garbage that we load.
We remove any garbage or trash seven days a week. Our rates are very competitive and our team has the experience to handle big or small jobs. Our junk removal truck is well equipped and large enough for the big jobs.
We clean out messy garages, remove junk from basements and clean out sheds We can even remove the old hot tub in the backyard that isnít working anymore!

Why pay more when you can pay less?

We are not a franchise. We donít have to pay franchise fees or monthly payments on a $60 000 truck. We recycle to save on disposal fees and help the environment.

All of this makes it possible for our service to offer the best and lowest rates.

Remember, we do all the work; you donít have to lift a finger, except to point at what needs to be removed. Sit back, relax and let 1888 DUMP FOX get it done!

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